This class is designed for everyone!!!  Whether you are new to exercise or an exercise junkie, old or young, active or not, with joint issues or everything working fine, for those who prefer a slower pace or those who like to go all out! Fun and energetic praise music combined with low impact Latin fused dance moves such as the Cha-cha, Salsa, and Meringue will keep you moving without twisting and turning those knee and ankle joints. This class will not only give you a fun cardiovascular workout, but will help your balance and strengthen your core.

Have a BLAST and be totally revived!!!


What to expect ….

Most classes will run 45 minutes with a 30 minute cardio segment ending with about 15 minutes of balance work, core strengthening of the lower back and abdominals, and stretching.  Each song  uniquely choreographed so you will have time to learn and perfect the moves.

  1. The class will begin with a wake-up, warm-up which will increase your core temperature, heart rate, and get every part of your body moving and ready for the cardio segment.
  2. Next, about 20 minutes of uncomplicated and easy to follow dance combinations set to lively Praise music. Each song will have its unique choreography and you will have plenty of opportunity to learn and perfect the moves.
  3. Last but not least, we will work on balance, stretching, and toning the core muscles. Emphasis will be given to proper form and execution with modifications given for each exercise.


1) Comfortable clothing for maximum movement and exercise.
2) SHOES DESIGNED  FOR PIVOTING                         Such as Jazz Sneakers or Zumba Shoes    (Running or other such athletic shoes are not acceptable for these classes.)
Click here for a link to my favorite Shoes (you can also shop clothes!)  



  1. Water Bottle
  2. Towel
  3. Mat (such as a yoga mat)


To get the most benefit from these classes you should try and make it to class three times per week. However, if you can only fit two classes per week in your schedule, you will still see good results.